The Merry Makers

Who makes Santa’s toys and gifts? It’s the Merry Makers, a jolly band of elves who work year-round to make sure Santa has enough gifts for everyone every Christmas. The show is verbal, with witty characters, and is set in the North Pole.

meet the Merry Makers


He’s the factory supervisor. When no one’s looking, he loves to play games. He is responsible when he needs to be, but isn’t afraid to goof around. Even though he’s a little goofy, he commands respect from the other elves because he’s earned Santa’s trust and he’s a great boss


He’s the brains, and the oldest Merry Maker. He makes the most creative inventions, but some of them backfire in hilarious (and explosive) ways. Because of his age, and the amount of time he spends in his lab making inventions, he’s a little reserved. But he’s also easily influenced into doing goofy things.


CJ is the cool one. You’ll mostly find looking at his reflection in a mirror, and he’s on his bike most of the time. He’s not as loud as the others, and he’s often calm. But sometimes his coolness can get him in trouble. He doesn’t scare easily, but he panics when even the slightest thing happens to his bike.


Dash is the jolliest Merry Maker, and he works in the barn. He loves joking and is always merry. He constantly looks for a way to make any situation funny, and he’s always ready to laugh (this often gets him in trouble if he laughs at another Merry Maker). The only time you’ll see him serious is when his parents are around.


Swift is the planner. She’s responsible, fair and stern, with a craving for smoothies. Thanks to her meticulous planning, things in the factory work smoothly (well, most of the time). The only thing that scares her is mice.

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