coockadoodle season 2

Follow the misadventures of Kiki, Fifi and Lecock, three oddball
chickens who come up with the cuckooest solutions to everyday
challenges. To these chickens, every day has unlimited potential for fun
and adventure.

Coockadoodle is an original Kenyan animation from Blankspace Animation

We are currently on the search for co-production and distribution
partners to help bring the revamped Coockadoodle Season 2 to life and we
have already gotten things started with a pilot episode.

meet the chickens



Lecock considers himself the head of the group. He always tries to control every situation, and isn’t afraid to show his macho side, but more often than not, he’s the one who causes things to escalate from 1 to 1 million! PS: don’t tell anyone, but he scares pretty easily.


She is usually laid-back and likes her space. But when her privacy is invaded (a common occurrence with Lecock and Kiki around), she becomes fierce. She relies on her smarts and resourcefulness most of the time.


The bubbly one, Kiki is easily distracted, always in a good mood, friendly to everyone and has incredible luck. And no one knows this, but she secretly has an angry side which she doesn’t like tapping into!

coockadoodle season 2 PILOT

The first season started out as a studio project in 2015, which grew into a short animated show, and ended up with 10 episodes and a few specials, most lasting between 1 and 2 minutes.